Picture Window Productions is out to change the world, one television series at a time. We’re drawn to stories of transformation, whether it’s a situation, a person, or a house. Some changes are tough and gritty. Some are funny. Some are inspirational. Check out the view from Picture Window Productions.

We're idea generators

Is there anything that can't be made into a TV show? (Well, yes. And we know the difference.)

We're talent scouts

We've been known to accost the fascinating stranger at our local coffee shop.

We're team-builders, amateur psychologists, and motivational speakers

If all else fails, we break out the really good wine.

Picture Window Productions has been producing television series since 2004, including "Mega Dens,” a prime time program created and produced for DIY Network and HGTV's "Ground Breakers" & others for Scripps Networks. Our Emmy-winning documenatary producers also create and produce "EcoSense for Living", funded by the Turner Foundation and distributed nationally on public television, and the award-winning series, "The Natural South," a 66-episode doc-style eco series for Turner Broadcasting, and the Emmy-nominated documentary “Herren’s: A Sweet Southern Spirit”.

As reality show producers, our mission is to discover and document big characters and big transformations in the worlds of food, design, travel, family dynamics, people in transition, music, outdoor adventures/eco challenges, mystical and metaphysical topics. There’s nowhere our TV producers won’t go for compelling stories and characters.



  • Designer & hands-on project manager Anitra Mecadon leads the charge to renovate family rooms, dens, attics and basements, creating cool spaces where the whole family hangs out together.


  • Landscaper Host Justin Cave navigates the ups and downs of huge outdoor renovations that go way beyond ordinary “landscaping” with wild water features and exotic living spaces.


  • Gives an inside look at the people, places and issues on the environmental front and explores our power to change the course of the planet.


  • A show that turns us all into farmers, this series takes viewers from farms to their own backyards to their kitchens to cook up the fruits of their labors.


Suzan Satterfield

Suzan Satterfield


Suzan wears many hats (literally). Her favorite phrase is “what if...?”.

Her favorite workout is running past the trite, creatively stretching a budget, and winning over an audience.

Special talent: Gathering the right talent/personalities/crew to create that magic alchemy of production.

Mary Grace Higgs

Mary Grace Higgs


Mary Grace could creatively solve the crisis in the Middle East, if only someone would ask.

Whatever just occurred to you, she thought of it yesterday & took care of it. “Grace” is her middle name.

She specializes in appropriate French phrases, raising her eyebrows, and finding exceptional talent in coffee shops.

Allen Facemire

Allen Facemire


Allen has more technical tricks up his sleeve than a James Bond film.

Our hero overcomes horrendously bad lighting situations while simultaneously coaxing temperamental talent.

His favorite phrase on set is “no problems – only solutions.” Special talent: Reciting model numbers from memory.

Kitty Ray Swain

Kitty Ray Swain


Kitty is trustworthy, brave, and loyal. She also wields a mean editing system at Cat’s Eye Editorial.

She’s fearless in the face of deliverables and peerless in creative cutting.

When she isn’t running a marathon or lifting an elephant, Kitty enjoys playing percussion and joining parades to relieve stress.

Randy Hill

Randy Hill


Randy was abandoned as a young child and raised by timber wolves in the wilds of Montana.

Editing television? Yeah, he's got this.

Todd Brock

Todd Brock


Todd spent his childhood writing superhero stories and staging elaborate Halloween scenes in the front yard.Sometimes actually on Halloween.

He gets kind of tingly inside when someone tells him that something “can’t” be done.

When he grows up, Todd wants to be quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Or the drummer for Gaslight Anthem. Or both.

Brian Bremer

Brian Bremer


Brian usually takes the role of Cornelius when he plays Planet of the Apes with the other kids. (He does the best accent).

His hobbies are set diplomacy, humor under pressure, and knowing all professional talent within a 1,000-mile radius.

When he isn’t doing sketch comedy, he writes and creates alter egos, some of whom have their own police records.

Jolean Olson

Jolean Olson


When Jolean isn’t talent wrangling, logistics manhandling or overall problem-solving, she’s coming up with the Next Big Thing in TV.

Above all else, she loves a good story. Other favorites include Santa, tap dancing, SuperMario World (circa 1990) and anything with Bill Murray.


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